Nomazulu Thata

Born in 1957 in Bulawayo/ Zimbabwe, living in Bremen

Mother to Nqobizitha the only child/single parent

Political rise

  • My political life started at an early stage: my mother was a Zimbabwe freedom fighter of the early 1970s until independence in 1980. She was a diplomat representing Zapu in several African countries. Living in Zapu refugee camp in Zambia enlightened me politically and understood the reasons why the race war was a necessity and a noble cause
  • In East Germany Marxism –Leninism, Dialectic Materialism was part of academic curriculum during my studies at Hennigsdorf engineering Automation and Material Sciences.
  • Attended German-Youth (FDJ) activities regularly however was not member
  • Zapu Student leadership in Germany 1980 to 1984
  • Founding member of Zapu activists that revived Zapu party in 2008 in London/UK
  • Chairperson’s portfolio of women’s wing of the Zapu party in the Diaspora/UK from 2009 to 2011
  • Political activism on women- and girl-children rights in Zimbabwe since 2011
  • Initiator of National Transitional Administration NTA in Zimbabwe 2016/2017
  • Member of Feminist Party, Spokesperson for Land Bremen
  • European Parliamentary candidate for the Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN 2019

Political passion

  • I am passionate about the plight of women and girl-children especially in the Sub-Sahara Africa. Femicide, child-marriages, sexual abuse on children of all ages, virginity testing, men use of sex to defile and insult women and girl-children are the issues that trigger a radical edge in me to fight injustice meted against by men in sub-Sahara Africa regions
  • I am passionate about finding solutions for girl-children that have gone into prostitution because of hunger and poverty in their lives
  • Hope to set up a radio station Bremen that will reach out to women in countries in the sub-Sahara Africa. This project may sound a very ambitious one but it is the only channel that will give a voice women in most corners of the Sub-Sahara region
  • I am passionate about community development in the Sub-Sahara region. Women have to do work ten times harder than what men can contribute. It is for this reason that a Marshall Plan with Africa could alleviate poverty, chronic hunger and unnecessary migration and internal displacement. Communities will stabilize and will be able to identify their future role in communities
  • I am passionate about finding durable solutions to African migration to Europe. Europe is getting crowded and it is for this reason that in those countries we migrate to: e.g. European countries, the right-wing politics is growing: they are concerned about their social nets that are at the point of collapsing because of migration and asylum seeking.
  • I am passionate about eradicating hunger and chronic poverty in our communities in the Sub-Sahara continent
  • I am passionate about finding ways to work together with our neighbour continent Europe that have the know-how to improve our agriculture, vocational training, education and health

Marshall Plan with Africa: The Manifesto

The Women embraces this idea of a Marshall Plan with Africa for many reasons. It has poignant points that have the capacity to sustainably change the lives of millions of women in rural communities in Africa. For this reason, I found it pertinent to give my whole attention to the Marshall with Africa as my campaign message that borders exclusively on the Marshall Plan with Africa.

The Women advocate for sustainable and durable solutions to migration and displacement of global citizens in transition

The lives loss in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Sahara Desert, the selling of human beings in North African Markets as slaves, the war-torn conflict zones that cause displacement of people, abject poverty and food insecurities in most communities in Africa, natural disasters such as cyclones and floods, and drought due to climate change evidently trigger the displacements of communities and mass migration.

Please read the Feminist Manifesto regarding Marshall Plan with Africa, a document I wrote to further elaborate how this project could change the lives of women in the Sub Sahara Continent of Africa and at the same time will significantly reduce unnecessary internal and external migration in the continent.


  • Primary school teacher at Kasisi Mission 1978
  • Tutor at the Technical University of Berlin 1991 to 1993
  • Assistant Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe 1994 to 1995
  • Environmental assessor in Pretoria 1997 to 1998
  • Chemistry teacher in several schools in the UK 2004 to 2010


  • Roma Catholic Secondary School in Lusaka Zambia
  • Karl-Marx University: Germany Language and Abitur 1979 to 1981
  • Hennigsdorf Engineering School for Automation and Material Sciences: Engineer 1981 to 1984
  • Technical University of Berlin: Diplom Ing. Metallhüttenkunde 1988 to 1993
  • Canterbury Christ Church University: Post Graduate Certificate of Education 2007 to 2010

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