New Feminist Network in Europe: FUN Europe

On the 30th of November, a number of European feminist organisations have decided to start FUN Europe, Feminists United Network Europe with the tagline Europe Needs Feminism. Members in the network are feminist NGOs and political parties from the EU. Countries represented currently are Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Spain, Finland, Poland and Italy. The members will support each other by participating in joint activities as well as forming a common political platform for the EU elections. Feminist Initiative Sweden has been appointed coordinating member.

Feminist Initiative Sweden’s party leader, Gudrun Schyman, says “We are now organising feminists in Europe in a network where we will be able to act swiftly and in many forms, we are upgrading the international feminist collaboration. In record time, we have organised ourselves in this network and we have already agreed on a series of activities that will take place. The first we have agreed upon is to develop a common feminist political platform for the EU elections which all feminists in EU countries will be able to unite behind”.

Liv Dali from Feminist Initiative Denmark says “Today we wrote history; we created a Feminists United Network, Europe. Feminism does not have borders and together we will unite forces and develop an European feminist agenda!"

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